Design-Rite Products TM
Serving the Parrot Toy Industry since 1992
Design-Rite is the manufacturer and distributor of Chopper's Toys
We offer a large variety of safe, destructible, textured toys for all Birds!
Proudly Made in the USA

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About Design-Rite
The folks at Design-Rite have been engaged in the behavioral study of parrots
for over 12 years. Our studies have focused mainly on play behavior
and it's association to proper emotional & mental health.
Our Toys are designed specifically to offer a tremendous variety
of new & exciting textures & styles to be chewed, shredded, torn & destroyed,
safely by all birds, big or small

Safety First
Design-Rite Products are Veterinarian Tested, Approved & Recommended
Used by Avian Vets Around the Country
American Made
*All products used in Design-Rite Toys are non-toxic and
have been carefully researched for safety
*All materials are properly & safely sanitized in our shop prior to production
*We use the finest quality natural vegetable tanned leather
*We use only vegetable dyes for our woods & products
*Our ropes are untreated, natural sisal and jute
*All hardware is stainless steel or nickel
*All bells are nickel, copper or brass
(Bells are removable on most our toys)
NO Zinc!
No Toy is 100% Safe
* Any Non-Food Item is dangerous if swallowed, including leather, wood or even seed hulls
* All rope, cords, straps & leather need to be kept cut short & well trimmed to avoid strangulation
* Birds can become entangled in fabrics & ropes, please keep all threads clipped
* Metals can tarnish as they wear and become toxic to birds
Check Toys Daily
Please Watch Your Birds Around Toys


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